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We Keep Trackmasters on Track

No business can be successful for as long as Trackmasters, Inc has without strong leadership. Our management team of seasoned professionals set the tone for the rest of the company by demonstrating a strong sense of commitment to our customers and their needs. Since 1977, Trackmasters, Inc. has grown because of our emphasis on consistent performance and first class service -- a pledge of excellence which starts right at the top of the company with our key personnel.

Regginal Stearns

Reg Stearns started working for Kelly Railroad Contractors, Inc. in 1970, and then in 1977 he purchased Kelly Railroad Contractors Inc. and changed the name to Trackmasters, Inc. in order to have a separate identity. Reg has served as CEO and since 1986; he had previously served as Vice President for 9 years.

Reg has a lifetime of service and accumulated knowledge and he still works directly with our long term clients every day and his skills in marketing and management have been instrumental in the growth of Trackmasters, Inc. When you go to conferences, meetings, and talk to business people about Reg you will always hear the same things; He is honest, hard-working, and straight forward. Reg's word is something to feel confident in; he always delivers, no matter what.

Dan Morgan
Projects Manager

Dan has been with the Trackmasters, Inc. team since 1980. He started as an employee in the yard sorting, stacking, and organizing. Dan is an incredibly hard worker and that hard work paid off quickly as he moved up from an employee in the yard to Reg's right hand man and a huge asset to Trackmasters, Inc.

Dan handles the majority of our big contracted jobs. It's not uncommon for Dan to be on a single job for weeks at a time. Since he has been with Trackmasters, Inc. for so long Dan knows just about every client and almost all of them certainly know him. His dedication to our company surmounts any expectations and is greatly appreciated by all our clients that Dan works with.

Dan is also our 'safety guy'. He trains our team in safety and has completed all OSHA and Hazmat training courses in order to become certified.

Jeff Mumma
Projects Coordinator

Jeff has been on the Trackmasters, Inc. team since 1995. He started out as our truck driver, then was promoted from within the company and hired as the projects coordinator in 2007. Jeff was an outstanding team player and got along exceptionally well with everyone within the company, so it only made sense to promote him. Jeff's hard work has definitely paid off both for him and Trackmasters, Inc.

At Trackmasters, Inc. Jeff handles many small day-to-day projects; this includes emergency repairs that may arise with our clients. Whether it is a derailment on a weekend night or a switch problem during the afternoon we know he will be on the road within minutes of receiving the phone call.

Jeff is also a big help when track inspections are needed and that quality has made him an asset to our customers. If he doesn't know someone he will make sure they know him with his friendly conversations. Jeff's penchant for service and friendliness is what makes him an integral part of the Trackmasters, Inc. team.