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Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Maintain the Integrity of Your Rail Line

Maintaining the integrity of your rail line is essential to the continuing flow of raw materials and finished products in and out of your plant. It's also a critical element in your efforts to ensure an acceptable level of plant safety. In our experience, properly performed maintenance and regularly scheduled preventive maintenance procedures are the best ways to avoid costly derailments and downtime caused by poorly repaired and maintained track. Our services include:

Full Rehabilitation Services

We offer full rehabilitation services, including regaging, tie renewal, relaying rail, replacement of broken components, track cleaning, raising and resurfacing.

Emergency Repair Service, available twenty-four hours a day.

We also offer long term maintenance and preventive maintenance agreements, including regularly scheduled track inspections and professional consultation on required improvements, upgrades and problem areas. Adhering to a regular schedule of maintenance and upkeep is the very best way to keep your track up to standards and to reduce the incidence of track related mishaps and unexpected repair costs.

Trackmasters, Inc. excels at track scale installation, repair and maintenance, including replacement of running rails and bolts as necessary plus all required modifications.

Rehabilitation and Maintenance